Friday, June 26, 2020

Josie Presents

After breakfast Meema and I took a little walk. We had to go get string for my beans to grow up. Also I had to check out the garden.

The plants are growing fast because it's rained a lot. Weeds too, says Meema.

The wet grass gets in my sandals.

I have to sit on the blue bench and let them dry.

I can climb this wall.

And sit on it. 

Then we walk around the front yard and up to the basement door.

The washer and dryer are down here and I help Meema put the clothes in the dryer. The wet towels are very heavy but I am strong and can do it. The socks are easy.

Then we go upstairs and tie the string for the beans to twirl on.  Then I want to watch a video.

Meema is oppositional and says we will read a book instead.

This is how I look when I am oppositional.

After lunch, I put on a show with my cupboard where my collections are.

I open the doors and say, Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting...!

Meema and Grumpy clap their hands. 

I take out my wand and do magic moves. Meema and Grumpy clap again and I do a very big bow. 

I will do this show some more because they really like it.


Anvilcloud said...

Active and a very good area to be active in.

Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent re-purposing of the china cabinet! At least for the years she is young enough to store her toys there! Yes, do give Josie lots of praise for making magic...something we all can use these days!

Junk Journal Penpals said...

How sweet! Which book did she choose, eventually?

Vicki Lane said...

NANETTE'S BAGUETTE by Mo Willems--a favorite.