Thursday, June 18, 2020

Wednesday with Josie

It wasWednesday at Meema and Grumpy's and there were pancakes, of course.

I had to check on my bean plants. They are taller than me.

It was chilly outside and we spent a lot of time in The Room.


I am getting ready for a party. I put on pretend makeup. Later I will polish my toes.

Meema's chapstick is my lipstick. Also, I use the silver-backed hairbrush to brush my hair. It belonged to Meema's grandmother who is my great great grandmother. Her name was Ruby and Meema showed me her picture when she was little.

There is a blue hippotamus named William and a cat with an earring and a tiny mouse up here too. I feed and water them.

Then it is time to go on a trip and I have to get my suitcase out. All my friends are going too.  We were going on an airplane but it got a flat tire and so we took the bus. 

The kids were very rambunctious and I told them BE QUIET while I finish getting ready.

We had a tea party while we waited for the bus.

The kids were so noisy that I had to get in the fort for a little peace and quiet.

Then Meema made Rainbow Fairies out of my scarves. I decorated the room with them and then we went outside. 

There was a bat. We did not touch it. It didn't know what to do and Meema swept it gently off the porch where it hung on to some vines and then went away.

I took a picture of a frog and then Corycat came out and rubbed against Bobadog. He gets embarassed when she does this because he thinks Layla will make fun of him.   

Later there was Family Dinner Up and I said a blessing that I made up. And I had a long deep bath and put on my pajamas and then Daddy and I played soccer in the living room till he got tired and we all went home.

The END.


KarenB said...

I love hearing about all her unstructured play with all that exercise of her imagination. And the name "Grumpy" always makes me smile.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh what a great time you all had! Glad Cory and Bobadog had that photo taken of them too!

jennyfreckles said...

Sounds like a perfect day in three year old land.