Thursday, June 4, 2020

More Josie--Tiny Blocks and Dress Up and Bubbles

Me, Josie again.

Meema and I are working on color theory. 

The blocks are tiny and I have to be careful.

Meema gets fussy when they go on the floor and she steps on them.

Sometimes I like to knock them down.

Skippyjon Jones is playing too.

I love the colors but red is my favorite.

Time for dress up. Meema wanted to wear the velvet hat but I said NO because I wanted to dress up like a lady.

I think I look pretty good. 

Also there were these socks in the dress up box.

It is good weather for bubbles. I am a bubble-blower and a bubble-popper.

We had Family Dinner Up and Meema made stromboli. I helped mix the dough. But Meema couldn't take pictures because her hands were all floury. 

It was a good day.


Barbara Rogers said...

Another great day as Josie grows, learns, laughs and changes. Colors now - oh my. Bubbles are certainly great.

Sandra Parshall said...

A good day indeed! She is so lucky to be shielded from what's happening in the world. BTW, if you give her some catnip-scented bubbles to blow, she might tempt the kittehs into being a bit friendlier. She would be delighted if they played with her. Amazon has small bottles.