Monday, June 22, 2020

And They Did It Again

Not satisfied with their progress on the previous weekend, the gang reassembled on Friday and laid more block.

The walls inched higher . . .

The newlyweds were there. Their wedding had been on Wednesday and Friday they were hard at work.

In the evening we had another socially distanced meal--ribs and hotdogs, salad, baked beans, and potatoes au gratin.

Josh heaped it all on a hot dog.

Note the formal attire. And the admiring gaze of his bride.

Josie and Shayne shared some crackers.

Josie loves crackers. And Shayne. 

On Saturday the work continued.

By the end of the day, the block was nearing the top.

Great progress!

And another big meal -- moussaka, Greek salad (with Greek potato salad as served in Tarpon Springs), pork souvlaki (kebabs), pita and tzatziki and hummus . Plus frozen chocolate pie on a pecan crust. With whipped cream.

Dave the chicken embarrassed herself by jumping on the table and stealing a potato chip. Embarrassed but unrepentant.

What a great weekend! What terrific friends!


Sandra Parshall said...

I doubt that Dave was embarrassed in the least.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good sounding food, and friends, and working together to show real progress...then there's Dave! Oh I miss potato salad on Greek salads!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful group of family and friends you have!
Deana the Queena