Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's THAT?

Herewith four pictures -- all cropped from larger photos. A modest Marshall County prize -- I don't know, maybe a copy of the quilt book I co-authored-- will wing its way to the one who first comments, identifying all four photos correctly and completely. I won't make a judgment till late this evening -- and remember, completeness and precision of identification could make the difference.

And while I have you here, remember the fella who complained about my adverbs and later admitted he'd actually enjoyed the books?

Well, he's just done a very nice post about all four of my books on his blog. All is forgiven!

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Susan M. Bell said...

OK, here goes...
1)Donkey mane (Kate's maybe?)
2)Either an acorn or a watermelon wearing a knitted cap? (Pretty sure this one is wrong.)
3)Cow tongue
4)frozen berries (blackberries maybe?)

I know I'm wrong, but it's fun anyway. :)

Tammy said...

I'm with Susan--Kate's mane, not sure on the second--maybe an half peeled avocado?--Baby calf's tongue and frozen raspberries... That second one is really hard...

Nancy M. said...

Well, here's my opinion (such as it is!!):

1. Donkey's mane
2. Acorn
3. Cow's tongue
4. Frozen raspberries

You make my day, Vicki!!!!

Liz said...

Okay - I'm in ---
1. Donkey's mane
2. Very green acorn
3. Bull's horn
4. Frozen blackberry
And I think it's time we all agree - we have too much time on our hands - why does this kind of thing amuse us so?? Thanks, Vicki for the detour from the issues of the world - appreciate it.

Vicki Lane said...

You guys are too good! I'll try this again some time and see if I can stump you.

Nancy is the winner: but some one could have beat her out by being even more precise. For example:

Donkey's mane (Kate's mane would be more precise)

Acorn (green acorn on denim background -- my knee, actually, though you couldn't have known that)

Cow's tongue (you could have said Red Devon cow's tongue)

Frozen raspberries (frozen black raspberries)

Congratulations, Nancy! Let me know how/if you'd like the quilt book personalized.