Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Shift

Now that fall's officially here, I spent a little time yesterday putting away the blue and white bits and pieces that have dominated our living room all summer and pulled out what I think of as my Fall Stuff -- pottery in autumn colors, different pillow covers, darker quilts, and painted gourds from a few years back when I had time to do such things.

I made a lot of decorated gourds -- and was reluctant to throw away the stem ends. So I turned these into hobbit houses -- totally silly, but great fun to do.

Now, as if the weather was waiting for me to put the summer things away, the temperature has plunged -- 42 degrees this morning. And as always, we're reluctant to close the windows just yet so we layer on more clothes, enjoying the novelty of being cold.

Maggie, however, isn't thrilled. She had curled up in my comfy writing chair, all snug and warm, for an after-breakfast snooze when I insisted she move so that I could get to my laptop. This is the sad, accusing look I got as I took her place.

It's a dog's life, says Maggie.

PS: The really neat gourd rattle on the bottom shelf with the crow and the ladder was made by my friend Ruth -- who got me started on the whole gourd thing.

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Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

While I've been away, Lord Byron has been sleeping with my husband. I threw him (Byron not my husband) out last night after several hours of his shifting around, making odd doggie noises, and chasing varmints in his dreams. He was incensed. He barked outside the front door for over an hour!
The gourds look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Love the hobbit houses. We have a friend who does gourds with intricate wood burning designs on them.

First hint of fall here in Georgia; not as warm as south Ga. We're about 30 minutes west of Atlanta and have just a few days in the 70s, absolutely perfect.

Lynne in Ga

Vicki Lane said...

Kay, 'Lord Byron has been sleeping with my husband.' What a killer opening line for something or other!!!

Lynne, gourds are fun to work with -- I used a wood burning tool and acrylic paints. Still have some great huge 'bushel basket' gourds that I grew back then and have never gotten around to decorating.

Susan M. Bell said...

Are gourds hard to grow? I've often thought about trying my hand at decorating them. It's yet another thing on my list of things to try.

Vicki Lane said...

Gourds are very easy to grow if you have a sunny spot with rich soil and lots of room for the vines to sprawl. If you're growing dipper size or smaller, you can grow them on a trellis, saving room.