Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Non-Political Hodge Podge

This is a post of odds and ends -- partly because I'm in a hurry and partly because I have some pictures that I want to share. Also, I want to call your attention to the little survey on the right -- I'm interested in knowing which posts you all enjoy most. If I judged by number of comments for a post, it would be chickens -- but I know number of comments isn't an accurate indicator of readers. I'm becoming increasingly aware of a number of readers out there -- everywhere I go, there's someone who seems to know a lot about me and I'm struggling to remember where we met and then they say, "And I love your blog."

I know the commenting is a hassle if you're not already signed up. But I'd love to hear from any of you (my email is -- tell me what interests you about this blog.

No promises -- I'll probably still write whatever comes to mind. Right now I'm struggling with whether I should make a political comment -- I've tried to avoid that, though I suspect most all of you know my views. And I really don't want to rant.

So, here are a few recent non-political pictures.

Turtlehead:Chelone is a rare-ish fall flower. And, by the way, let me recommend my favorite book for identifying wildflowers: Wild Flowers of North Carolina: Also Covering Virginia, South Carolina, and Areas of Georgia, Tennessee Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware by William S. Justice and C. Ritchie Bell. I wore out my first copy, dragging it here and there.

Ali Ali and Otis playing by the pond. These are such beautiful, healthy dogs -- it's a pleasure to watch them tussle.

Thanks to a recent rain, we've had colonies of toadstools popping up along the road.

John built this pretty gate, worthy of a haiku, and at last the morning glories are doing as they should.
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Tammy said...

Hi Vicki,
I like the 'hodge-podge'--a little bit of this and that, so that whenever I visit, it's always a surprise. I think that is what keeps it interesting. Basically whatever is catching your day or interests is what makes it blogger fodder. The background work you do on the books is amazing and interesting too. Although I'll probably skip the political post-- I was raised never to discuss politics and we all have our opinions--reckon that is what keeps living in America so great..;-) If I vote on your poll, I'll probably check them all--is that okay?

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, Tammy -- that's exactly the sort of feedback I need.

And yes, check any and all!

Tammy said...

Also, I meant to ask--are Ali Ali and Otis litter mates? They are gorgeous animals. For some reason Ali Ali's face reminds me a bit of Boone (only not so mashed in...)

Pat in east TN said...

I also wondered about Ali Ali and Otis ... they look like 'twins'.

Vicki, when I went to vote it only let me choose one catagory, and I really can't do that, although I did just to give you some idea of what is liked ... BUT, I do like you blog, because as Tammy commented, it is a mixture of everything and that's what makes it SO interesting and fun. I am always anxious to check in daily just to see what idea you have come up with to share with us. Just keep up the good work and beautiful/interesting pictures.

Susan M. Bell said...

Love the gate. I moved some morning glory vines from my yard over near my deck in the hopes they start climbing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm like you about the political stuff. Gotta admit though, this is an interesting election. No matter which way it goes, history will be made. (Already has been even.)

Vicki Lane said...

They aren't related at all. Otis is a pure bred Pit Bull from Arkansas. Ali Ali was abandoned on the road near our farm and my younger son picked him up. We're pretty sure Ali Ali's a Boxer/? mix. He has a real Boxer personality and uses his front legs a lot -- supposedly a Boxer trait. He also loves the water -- maybe some Black Lab there?

Nancy M. said...

Vicki, I love EVERYTHING about your blog. Having been raised just up the road from you in Walnut, I love the pictures of the area and any stories about the "locals." But your blog brightens up my day no matter what you have written or put on it.

Vicki Lane said...

I appreciate the feedback -- and I'm getting some emails too. It does help to know your preferences -- though, as I said, I'll still probably write whatever comes to mind when I sit down at the laptop.

Anonymous said...

Another fan of the hodge-podge here.

And I wouldn't mind some political content - I like hearing what folks base their opinions on.

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, Phyllis -- the hodge - podge is likely what it's going to be as that's the way my mind works.

I'm still restraining myself re political comment. I will say that for the first time EVER, I have sent money to a candidate and plan to put a bumper sticker on my car -- that's how important I think this election is.