Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the Late Garden

The tomatoes have slowed down and are showing signs of blight but I'm still picking. This neat looking bug is a scorpion fly -- harmless but named for his fancy reproductive equipment (wonder what he calls it?) that curls up like a scorpion's tail. He's a scavenger who feeds on dead or disabled insects and is welcome in my garden. Sorry I didn't get a shot of his cute face -- he has a long proboscis and a somewhat bemused expression.

The potatoes we planted back in early April are ready to be dug and I grabbled out a few to have for dinner tomorrow night. It's always like a treasure hunt, pulling potatoes from the earth. Justin weed ate off the patch once the vines began to die -- now it's just a series of bare, mounded rows. But if you look close, you'll see the remains of the vines flat against the rocky soil. It's here you stick in your potato fork to dig for potato gold. (By the way, tomorrow is International Talk like a Pirate Day -- get ready!)

Sungold cherry tomatoes, Cherokee Purples, Romas, assorted peppers and a lone shitake -- these are a few of my favorite things!
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Susan M. Bell said...

My container tomato plant is all but dead, so I pulled off the few tomatoes left and am letting them sit and ripen. The plant in the ground is still doing well, but it is obviously a different variety as the tomatoes are smaller and in bunches.

I'm already working on next year; saving seeds, planning where I want the garden and how big, etc. This gardening thing is kind of addictive, isn't it.

I'm looking forward to growing potatoes next year. And shitake mushrooms....hard to grow? Like that idea. They are so good grilled like a burger. YUM!

Pat in east TN said...

I never knew the name of that bug, so I learned something today!! I've seen many of those little critters around, so also did not know their purpose in life.

My summer garden is down to a few tomatoes, + hot and green peppers, but my little fall garden is looking very good. We dug our potatoes a while back and are pleased with the outcome.

I have made a list of what we have planted and have also been adding what we might add next year. Each year we always try something new.

Susan T. said...

YAAAARRRRGGGHHH (don't know what that means in Pirate talk, but take it as my contribution to Nat'l Pirate Day, or whatever).
Susan T.

Vicki Lane said...

Yep, gardening is very satisfying -- and there's always next year to look forward to.

Shitakes aren't difficult to grow -- just water the logs they're in frequently and wait -- but acquiring and inoculating the logs requires diligence and a special drill bit for the holes. Lots of on line resources -- as always, Google is your friend.

My new thing this year was canellini beans which are flourishing. I plan to let them ripen and dry on the vine then shell them and use for soup. If nothing don't happen, that is.

And ARRRR, back at ye, Susan T! Keep a sharp lookout for a fine piratical post come the morn.