Friday, September 19, 2008

Growing Up Southern -- In Florida

That's the title of a post of mine that just went up at A Good Blog Is Hard To Find -- a blog where lots of Southern authors post now and again. I'm hoping you all will go over there and post a comment so I look like one of the Popular Girls -- if not quite a Cheerleader.

The first two pictures are from 1947 or 48 -- in Tampa, of course. The dark-haired beauty in the boat is my mother.

And these two would be from 1959 -- that's me and my mother again (aren't I preppy!) and the color picture below is Thanksgiving 1959 as John and I make ready for the Homecoming Game. We are both wearing wool, because it's autumn but I can assure you, the weather was probably blistering. All of this has to do with the post over on so do check it out!

Consider this tomorrow's post as I'm heading over to Cherokee tomorrow to watch some dancing -- of which more on Sunday.
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