Saturday, February 9, 2019

Walking in the Sunshine

Thursday's weather (in the 70's, for goodness sake) required that I get out for a bit of a walk. Time to see what there is to see.

A lone chair, perfect for far-gazing

at the folded mountains and the blue, blue sky.

The hellebores are almost ready to open.

Into the woods for tree-framed views.

The nettle patch at wood's edge is coming back -- I look forward to nettle soup in the spring.

Here and there the red haze of budding trees whispers of the turning seasons, 

Even as a dried ironweed blooms tell of winter's persistence.

I was charmed by the ripple of shadows on the garden tiers. I don't remember noticing this phenomenon before.

Always the same. Always new.


Anvilcloud said...

We're only 3 months behind you. That's all.

Barbara Rogers said...

What a lovely day that was, just a tease I'm thinking, as we go through the rest of winter. Wouldn't it be nice if winter had already had its time...but I can just about bet that it's not over yet.

Maria Rodrigues said...

There is always something new in the paths we have always traveled, it's just need to look closely.
Wonderful photos.
Have a nice weekend
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Thérèse said...

The ripple of shadows: such a beautiful and peaceful view.

Bernie said...

Oh my I'm freezing, taking joy in your sunshine. ❤️❤️