Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Time to Toss the Pumpkins

Colder weather, along with this beautiful pot of amaryllis and paperwhites (an early Christmas gift from Claui's folks) and a whole raft of brightly wrapped gifts from Fay in Virginia (she's always beforehand with gifts, doggone it) are telling me it's time to make the shift from autumnal colors to reds and greens.

 Time to toss out the pumpkins and decorative gourds (the squirrels and other critters will enjoy them) and begin bringing out the Christmas odds and ends too. Maybe I should bake something with cinnamon to make the house smell holiday-ish.

They're giving snow for this weekend (as my older neighbors used to say) so it'll be easier to begin to get into the Yuletide spirit. No tree though, till the 16th -- that's the time we've appointed for the traditional stringing of the popcorn and cranberry chain and decorating the tree. 

I look forward to Josie's reaction. She'll be able to 'help' -- we have lots of unbreakable ornaments for the lower branches. 

And I look forward to watching these bulbs grow and bloom -- a fine antidote to the gray skies.


Misty Barnes said...

That is a marvelous bulb arrangement. Wonder where they found that at? I can't wait to watch them grow. I'm hoping you will post pics!

Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy the flowers coming in that wonderful planter!

Unknown said...

I like that your tree goes up a couple of weeks before Christmas, that was the tradition in our home as well. It makes for an exciting Christmas not a tired one. Perhaps because I am older but I want to enjoy every moment of the holidays into the New Year. This year with Josie will be special as will all future holidays but I wish you all the happiness and enjoyment that only a beautiful grandchild can bring, the others are the gravy and cranberry sauce. ❤️����❤️