Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Branches are Roaring

After a morning of heavy rain, fog draped the mountain and the branches were up.

Living on a steep mountainside means we don't have to worry about flooding, but John and Justin were out in the rain unblocking some culverts to keep the water from running down the road.

I heard that the French Broad was out of its banks and saw a video on Facebook of a small camper bobbing along in the flood.

Thankful to be inside, warm and dry.


Anvilcloud said...

I saw that video. Scary. Glad you are safe.

KarenB said...

We drove from SC to NJ yesterday and every single branch, creek, stream and river we passed over was over its banks. Fields were flooded. There has been an enormous amount of rain recently, and I recalled, as we passed over those rivers, years when we could see much of the riverbed as there was a drought.

Barbara Rogers said...

Nice to have a bit of sunshine today, before it starts raining again tomorrow!

NCmountainwoman said...

Same here. We had 7 inches in little more than 24 hours. Rivers are as high as I've seen them, and lots of roads are flooded. Today we have most welcome sun and it feels wonderful. Let's hope the sun continues. We certainly don't need any more rain.

Jime said...

We could sure use some of your rain back there. Send it over it would be most welcome. Happy New Year everyone. Peace and understanding from the Left Coast.