Friday, October 6, 2017

A Year Ago

About a year has passed since I stopped to gather some pumpkins in the garden and wound up in the hospital and then a rehab facility for two and a half months.

Some of the effects of that accident are still with me -- walking on uneven ground or steep slopes is difficult because of the cobbled-together ankle and I don't have complete range of motion in the shoulder that was dislocated. Ballet and football and mountain climbing are right out.

 But it's no big deal. In the overall scheme of things (whatever that may be) I'm doing fine -- able to take care of the household chores, do some light gardening, and, most importantly, serve as a member of Josie's staff.

Actually, this brush with what could have been something much worse, has given me a clearer perspective of What Matters. (What Matters to me, I hasten to add. No universal truths here -- you're on your own.)

And I am so grateful -- for all the support from family and friends (including some of you I've never met in person -- as if that were important,) for good insurance, and for excellent medical and rehab care. 

I'm happy to be here for the miracle of the changing seasons, the joys of everyday living, and, most of all, for the privilege of watching Josie becoming a person.

Blessed, indeed.


Thérèse said...

Sweet words. I am sure that day after day you will feel stronger, believe me.

Sandra Parshall said...

Josie alone is a great blessing, and I’m so glad you’re strong enough to help care for her. I hope the lingering problems you have will improve.

Barbara Rogers said...

I well remember hearing about your fall, and the weeks and months you spent waiting to come home again. So glad that you've recovered as much as you have, and that there wasn't any more damage. Just look at what has happened since then!

jennyfreckles said...

I'm happy you're still here too. My mornings and are always enlivened by your photos and words. It's kind of like having a quick phone call with you each day. So glad you recovered most of your mobility and hope ankle and shoulder gradually strengthen as you keep moving. Josie will soon have you running around. She'll need to add 'personal trainer' to her staff once she gets on her feet. Won't be long!!

Stella Jones said...

Is it really that long Vicki? I’m glad you’ve made an almost comlplete recovery and lived to enjoy your little Josie.

Anvilcloud said...

A year already? My goodness.

You had a great attitude through it all and continue to do so.

NCmountainwoman said...

I have followed every step of your recovery and marveled at your bravery. Your attitude, not to mention your 5-star husband made all the difference. I thank whatever deity there may be for your recovery and your full and rich life.