Thursday, August 13, 2015

Record of an Obsession

July 26

 August 2

 August 4

August 5

August 6

August 7

August 10

August 11 - 8:44 pm

9:30 pm

9:31 pm

9:38 pm

10:26 pm


August 12 -- the next morning


Ms. A said...

Oh, wow, I love the time lapse shots! Crying shame the beautiful bloom doesn't last longer.

Barbara R. said...

You had a rare bloom, Night Blooming Cereus is so rare, and you have to indulge an evening of sitting watching its beauty. Congratulations! I posted again about my big sunflower (so I'm obsessed too) again. But I did see a meteor last night too!

Frances said...

Vicki, your photographs of your obsession are magnificent.

Perhaps having this second Cereus bud bloom might warrant thinking of a name (like Blue Moon) to honor the occasion.

I'm delighted that you had the patience to record this beauty. Looks like your flashlight technique worked very well, too. xo

Kath said...


Jime said...

What a wonderful sequence of blooming. The full bloom with black background is my favorite.

GPearson said...
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GPearson said...

Beautiful! The 10:26 sequence would be gorgeous framed! Thank you for sharing! :-)

Thérèse said...

What a beauty! You need to make a poster out it!

Vicki Lane said...

Just realized I left out my favorite shot -- 10:28. So I added it.

Carol Crump Bryner said...

Most definitely a worthy obsession.

Darla said...

Spectacular sequence! Thank you so much for sharing!