Thursday, May 7, 2015

Of Nudis and Nudies

My Facebook friend Mario has a thing for nudibranchs and posts pictures of these amazing critters almost everyday.
commons wikimedia
These small shell-less marine mollusks (affectionately known as nudis) have a mind-boggling and apparently endless diversity of shape and coloration.
commons wikimedia
Follow the link above or just Google nudibranch images and prepare to be amazed.
National Science Foundation
Beware of getting confused though. There is apparently no connection, despite the similarity in flash and color and name, to the iconic Nudiesuits by Nudie Cohn's Rodeo Tailors (which is another link worth following just for the dazzle.)


Ms. A said...

Wow, those things are amazing!

Unknown said...

That last picture is hilarious!! Definitely going to check both out.

Barbara Rogers said...

What fun! Laughter is such a good way to have breakfast over the computer!

Jime said...

What wonderful critters. Gonna go see them right now.