Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Rather Vulgar Flower

Ah, the scent of carrion is in the air! The Arum Vulgaris (also called arum dracunculus, voodoo lily, snake lily, stink lily, dragonwort) is in bloom!

Yes, those are flies promenading on its spadix  (the vulgar bit)-- they are lured by the aroma to act as pollinators.

Why would anyone want a thing like this in their garden? I've been asked that more than once and can only say  I find this plant strange and wonderful.(I did, however, move it farther from the house after the first year.) 

There's more about it HERE.


Thérèse said...

It looks pretty cool, I can't smell it from here... Is it a reminder of any dragon's myth?

Ms. A said...

Yep, it is rather vulgar looking!

Barbara R. said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Nature thinks we're so silly to not like it's smell compared to say orange blossoms or roses.

Frances said...

Ahh Vicki, you were wise to relocate that one. I admit that it's a fascinating plant, but perhaps not to every nose.

Your close up photographs show your bravery.


L. D. said...