Friday, May 22, 2015

Field of Honor

On my way back from taking my friend Eleanor to the airport yesterday, this field of flags caught my eye and I pulled in to the shopping center where they were (Northridge Commons in Weaverville) to get some pictures.  There was a brisk breeze and the sound, motion, and colors were irresistible.

As I was wandering around, a nice lady came to tell me about this display.  It's put on by the North Buncombe High School Band Boosters and is a tribute to all military, veterans, law enforcement,first responders, fire and rescue, and EMS.

The display is free and open to all, 9 to 9 daily, till the closing ceremony on May 30 at 2. 

There are band performances too: today, Friday May 22, at 6, tomorrow, Saturday May 23, at 2, and on Memorial Day, Monday May 25, at 4.  (Folks are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and a picnic.)

The nice lady was delighted when I told her I was going to use the pictures on my blog and I told her I would share the information.  There's a link HERE for more about the Field of Honor.


Victoria said...

Those are beautiful photos, Vicki, thank you for posting them. No matter how angry I get at the government, I do love this country.

Ms. A said...

Beautiful and touching photos, Vicki.

Jime said...

Very good Vicki. Honoring the services that save lives instead of killing is a noble thing.

Thérèse said...

So so inspiring! My heart goes to all the Veterans...
I did put a small map of the Ile d'Yeu on today's post.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a wonderful sight. I just might take a trip to Weaverville.