Monday, March 2, 2015


Just a reminder -- this terrific novel that I talked about HERE hits the shelves today.
It's a terrific read that will linger in your mind.

Two more recent reads -- children's books, courtesy of my nostalgic book-pushing friends on Facebook. HALF-MAGIC involves the discovery of a magic talisman that grants half of any wish. Great fun!

 And I am reminded that most of the best books where children are swept up in an adventure take place when the parents or guardians are absent or otherwise, preoccupied -- another argument against the helicopter style of parenting.

Imagine if Aunt Em  and Uncle Henry had been blown to Oz with Dorothy. Or if the Pevensey children's mother had come to Narnia with them. There would have be warnings and naptimes and the adventures would have died before they started.

THE GAMMAGE CUP  is a children's book about adults in a fantasy world. It has some really interesting things to say about conformity and individuality -- almost as if it were speaking to adults as well as children. 

Yesterday was balmy -- we sat outside on the porch in the afternoon and I went around straightening up all the solar lights that Bob and his leash have knocked over. There's still a fair amount of snow i the shady places but there's a definite feeling that spring may be on it's way.

To which I say HURRAH!


Ms. A said...

Hurrah for you! I think you'd be mighty unhappy if you didn't have your outdoor time. Glad to hear you were able!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

And your spring is "springing forth"!! Have a grand day!

Brian Miller said...

ha. both of these sound fun....half a wish, i would be afraid of what half i might get...

Barbara R. said...

Yes! Very nice sounding books. Ahhh, wonder if all of us wishing for spring will bring it in faster, and not just half of it!

Stella Jones said...

Always nice to get a book recommendation, thank you Vicki. The first one appeals to me most.

Friko said...

yes, yes. It may still be bitterly cold but the plants don’t seem to worry overmuch. Spikes of daffodils, cyclamen, clumps of crocuses, hellebores, etc. all brave the icy wind and show their faces.

I agree, HURRAH.