Friday, November 8, 2013

Tail End of Autumn Color

By Wednesday, the elm had lost many of its leaves
and the mountains to the east were coming in to view again.

The wild persimmon is completely leafless
but the little friuts hang on, awaiting a hungry coon or possum.

It's easier to catch the gleam of the river with less foliage in the way.

In some spots though, the golds and browns are still flourishing.

And the staghorn sumac is putting on a brave show.

Skeletal trees  march along a ridge.

As always, the pear leaves are showy.
And on the slope below the house, the burning bush is glowing.
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Ms. A said...

Gosh, it's amazing how fast those leaves fell. Still an awful lot of beauty and I love that burning bush!

Folkways Note Book said...

And it all works together thankfully -- barbara

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I'm amazed how fast the leaves fell. Actually we didn't see much color before we left.

Brian Miller said...

oh yeah...all the wind yesterday....and bitter cold today...they say snow on tuesday....

Barbara Rogers said...

The glory of autumn is knowing how short lived it will be...and was.

Anonymous said...

Today it is snowing in the Mohawk Valley area, most trees are bare, but the sumac near my yard is still blazing. Nature is always amazing.

Lise said...

The best part of the leaves falling is the amazing view it opens seeing the mountains around us.