Monday, February 25, 2013

Do You Know...?

What these are?

What kind of insect this is?

What flower this is?

And what flower this will be? 
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Victoria said...

No, I'm afraid my knowledge of the things in your photos is seriously lacking, but I do strongly feel that the insect should be avoided!

Poetry24 said...

I can't identify the insect or the plants, but those farming implements must have some connection with sowing, surely?

Thérèse said...

So many questions! :-)
a hand harrow
a seeder?
a harvest basket?

Insect and flowers??

Brian Miller said...

a plow and threshing basket...a spider cricket...and probably something pretty...

Wayfarin' Stranger said...

In the first picture, a cultivator, a corn planter, and a tobacco basket. The insect is a locust borer. Sorry, I don't know the flowers.

Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, education with my coffee this morning. Vicki, you never cease to surprise me.

jennyfreckles said... they all look intriguing. The flower might be a clematis?

Folkways Note Book said...

Like your layered look in your top photo. I would guess they are tobacco farming implements. -- barbara

Frances said...

Vicki, I am at a loss to answer any of these intriguing questions.

However, I can report that on my subway migrations today, I did finish the marvelous vintage Joseph Mitchell essay in the Feb. 11/18 issue of The New Yorker. Wonderful in every way, its long sentences reminded me of many of my own early wanderings around New York City, and the more recent notions that I might, might be falling out of love.

Not quite yet, though. xo

Stella Jones said...

The basket in the first picture is familiar to me because a lady in the apartments opposite to me in Knoxville had one hanging on her wall. Is it something to do with fishing?
I don't know the insect. I do know we don't have those in England!
The flower? not sure.
The last picture is what we call 'Old Man's Beard', a sort of wild clematis.

Vicki Lane said...

The implements are a hand cultivator and a tobacco planter (we actually tried using these - they include a water reservoir - you slide a tobacco plant down the chute, jab the whole thing in the ground and squeeze a trigger -- the plant is planted and watered. Alas, the whole thing is a bit cumbersome, especially on hillsides.)

The basket is a tobacco basket -- back when cured tobacco leaves were made into hands -- a handful of leaves, wrapped together at their stems and held by another leaf-- the hands were placed on the basket in t tall circle.

The insect is indeed a locust borer, Jim. The flower is a lily and the last picture is a clematis vine leafing out (leafing out!)

Darla said...

Neat post! I love being asked questions ... even if I don't know the answers which in this case, I don't! LOL