Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pumpkin Soup Now?

Less than a week ago it was raining and rather chilly. Perfect weather to have soup for lunch!

I usually look for leftovers to turn into cream of whatever but there was nothing suitable.  There were, however, several cans of pumpkin on the pantry shelf and a big container of turkey broth in the refrigerator. 

I began, as I begin most dishes, by sauteeing some chopped onion and garlic in butter (olive oil would be better for you). When the onion was wilted, I removed it and the garlic to a bowl and sauteed some chopped red bell pepper -- just slightly -- then put it in the bowl.  I added a bit more butter, a little curry powder, and flour (in an amount equal to the butter) to make a roux, then stirred in some broth till the mixture thickened.

Next I added the pumpkin (and this is pure, unseasoned pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling) to the broth mixture, and dumped the sauteed vegetables back in. Some might choose to puree the soup at this point but I like the texture of the onion and red pepper. (Add more broth if you want a thinner soup.)

And some might choose to stir in some half and half or cream or plain yoghurt. All tasty but not really necessary. Salt and pepper to taste -- depending on how salty your broth is, you may not need to salt.

It's a wonderfully comfortable soup for a chilly, rainy day.

And several days later, when we were hot and sweaty from working outside all morning, the leftover soup was equally delicious served very cold with a dollop of sour cream and a dusting of hot paprika.  A quesadilla on the side and it's a meal!

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Victoria said...

That sounds delicious! I'm going to try your recipe this Wednesday; we're supposed to get more snow. (And I'll be using butter. Olive oil might be healthier, but BUTTER tastes BETTER, lol).

Poetry24 said...

Well, I'm reading this post just ahead of breakfast, but that doesn't stop me from looking forward to lunch, particularly if this is on the the menu!

lettuce said...

sounds delicious - I've made very similar soup but with butternut squash - the paprika just makes it

Cergie said...

Hi Vicki Lane, I use to cook pumpkin soup, however I think that the pumpkin must be a very good specie. And then I don't put anything else instead some cream when it is ready.
Yesterday I made a pumpkin pie ! Oignon, pumpkin, eggs and cream. It was yummy and my lunch is ready for today. It is a big pie and we are only two : my husband and me.

Pat in east TN said...

That sounds yummy ... hot and cold!

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. That sounds delicious. I love Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin juice.

Vicki Lane said...

Too true, Victoria!

Cergie -- I'm sure I'd like that pumpkin pie! Is it a sort of quiche?

Vagabonde said...

I made pumpkin soup years ago and it was watery and bland, but yours sounds very good and I’ll try it. Eating it cold is interesting, I like cold cucumber soup.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

just yesterday i dumped our two pumpkins which were placed on the windowsill since halloween last! below they were slightly moldy but otherwise still looked nice. by the way: the "new arrival" in our neighborhood is a tiny baby... i thought being born in tough times like these it could always be good to have an apple tree as a friend (and source of food).

Merisi said...

I'm game for soup any season of the year!
And it always feels so good to use up staples, doesn't it? At least in my house ... ;-)

Dr. Heckle said...

I love pumpkin soup! And you're right about it being good both hot and cold. I don't know why that is, but most soups are not very good cold. Maybe because it kind of reminds me of pumpkin pie?

Pame Recetas said...

Beautiful and delicious! I will rather use olive oil, thanks for a great idea

Vicki Lane said...

Vagabonde -- I thought it was delicious cold! And it wasn't bland at all -- I used muchi curry powder which is fairly spicy!

Eliane -- a lovely gift for a newborn!

Merisi --I've made some wonderful soups from odds and ends -- and it is, indeed, a great feeling!

Dr. Heckle -- I think most home made cream soups work well cold. Next up for me -- cold cream of asparagus! And when we have tomatoes again - gazpacho! Oh, yum!

Pamela -- Is there a typical soup in Patagonia?


Tipper said...

Sounds yum on any day to me : )