Thursday, December 10, 2009

After the December Rain

Since the snow of a few days back, the weather has been haze and drizzle -- gray and misty and cold. Then on Tuesday night there was a downpour that reminded us what a blessing shelter is. It raged and beat against the window panes, set up a tattoo on the metal roof, and generally sounded like Noah's flood had come again.

We feared that the road would be washed away but when morning dawned, there were only two inches in the rain gauge and, though branches that are usually mere trickles were roaring, the road was intact.

After all this time with no sun to speak of, it was a bit of a thrill just to see good strong shadows. . .
. . . and to see the river birch decked briefly in a million fairy lights.

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Poetry24 said...


Even a really bad episode of weather can leave something beautiful in its wake. That river birch, for instance, with the sun picking up on every diamond drop.

Pat in east TN said...

I'd heard that you got more rain then us, but WOW, you got some serious rain! Beautiful picture of the river birch.

Strong winds here, serious winds!

Carol Murdock said...

We had 2 inches Tuesday night too. Our back yard looked like the pond extended out! The strong wind yesterday along with the sun dried it up thank goodness. The River Birch is beautiful!

tipper said...

It was the same here-sounded like the metal would give at any moment-and there were creeks where they shouldn't be the next morning. This morning many of those little creeks-are froze over. I found a few slick places on my way into town to drop the girls off at school.

Miss_Yves said...

Who is (or was) Victoria Northolt?
In France , a famous author of romances (romans à l'eau de rose) was Delly.

Vicki Lane said...

These pictures were taken Wednesday -- and the temperatures were in the 60s -- it felt like spring! Today it's in the 30s -- bright, beautiful, and bitter.

Miss Yves -- Victoria Northcutt is just the nom d'plume I would use if I were to attempt to write romance novels -- far more romantic sounding than my own name.

Vagabonde said...

I enlarged your first photo and seen that way it really gives you a feeling for the rain. We were supposed to get a lot of rain too but it never materialized. Yesterday was sunny and warm – 68 – and today is sunny and cool – 48. I wish we would get some snow.

Vicki Lane said...

Almost all my pictures benefit from being enlarged but that one especially
needs it to get a sense of the hurtling water.

Miss_Yves said...

Do you usually say "nom de plume " in americain ?
My grandmother's christian name was Victoria.
One day, during the second world war, she was fishing on a little beach in front of Jersey.
A german soldier led her to the "kommandantur" because he supposed she was an Englisfh spy !!!

Vicki Lane said...

Miss Yves, Yes, we say it, but with a terrible accent. The term 'pen name' is probably more widely used but many know and say 'nom de plume.'

And then what happened to your grandmother?

Miss_Yves said...

No problem:she was relaxed at once, because her identidy card was OK.
She was'n't afraid at all!