Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plato's Cave

The mountain behind our house prevents us ever seeing a real sunset on the farm unless we're ready for a vigorous hike. But we get some lovely reflected pinks in the eastern sky tha t allow us to pretend we're seeing a sunset.

It makes me think of Plato's Cave . . .

(If you're feeling intellectual, for the whole translation go here.)

I'm leaving early this morning for the Haywood Book Mania over in Waynesville so any comments will go unmoderated till I get back tonight.

And congratulations to Liz who has won the drawing for Le Secret des Apalaches!

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Unknown said...

Yeah for me! Thanks Vicki, I'm so happy to add that to my collection of your books (and I already have the first one that was translated). Hope you had a great day in Waynesville that included a trip into the Mast General Store for some rootbeer barrels! Thanks again - Liz

Reader Wil said...

Thanks Vicki for showing these beautiful skies! Have a nice time at the Haywood Book Mania!

Vicki Lane said...

Thank you, Reader Wil! And I did!