Friday, May 8, 2009

What Message?

The clouds are swirling ominously this morning.

Thunder is rolling and the rain is falling.

It really looks as if God is about to part the clouds and speak . . . and I wonder . . .
what the message will be?

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Victoria said...

In a deep, sonorous voice, God says:

Vicki Lane, write FASTER. (Oh, and tell Eddie the Cat he's no match for those turkeys).


Vicki Lane said...

I KNEW She was trying to say something! (And I'll pass the message along to Eddie.)

Pat in east TN said...

Awesome pictures ... I love clouds and on a stormy day enjoy their different formations.

Vicki Lane said...

Welcome back, Pat!! So glad you (your husband) got the gremlins chased out of the computer!

These clouds were special enough for my husband to call me to come downstairs and outside so I could see them.