Saturday, September 21, 2019

Three Fawns

Really, there are three -- I just didn't manage to get them in one shot. 

They've been roaming round this hillside for a week now.

 I fear they may have been orphaned by the disease that has killed so many deer. But they seem to be eating and look healthy so far . .  

I'm kinda surprised to find myself wishing them well--even if they come after my hostas.


Anvilcloud said...

I hope they make it and have a good life. And that they are relatively kind to your plants.

KarenB said...

We've had the same momma and twin fawns showing up all summer. They are so darling, but I wish we weren't so overrun by them. It's a tragedy for everyone - the deer, the farmers, the plant life, and the people injured and killed by collisions. No easy solutions, unfortunately.

Barbara Rogers said...

They are always so nice to see, though of course sharing your hostas is a problem (and other things you plant and nurture.) Some more wishes for their wellbeing.