Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Last Refuge . . .

. . . of an inept photographer is Photoshop . . . or in my case, the Special Effects thingie on Picasa, the free for the down-loading program I use to deal with my pictures.

Day before yesterday I took my new camera for a walk along the top of the pasture and into the woods. It was early and the fog hadn't yet burned off so I hoped for lots of great shots in this misty, mysterious world.

I took close ups of flowers in the pasture and of mushrooms, leaves, lichen, and bark along the trail running through the woods.

Imagine my surprise when I downloaded 149 pictures to find that most of them were black! Fiddling with the light level thingie on Picasa showed that there were images -- but I had evidently done or not done some vital thing at the beginning of the walk.

No, I haven't read the manual through yet.

Yes, I should have been checking my monitor to see what the shots were like. (Unbelievable that I didn't!)

Yes, I'm waiting for Cory, my technical adviser to tell me where I went wrong.

Meanwhile, I play with special effects.
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Carol Murdock said...

I think they are neat, maybe not as good as if you'd gotton "something" right but different!
This sinus infection has me seeing things different anyway!:0)

Tammy said...

Ouch...that always hurts. I always hated it back in 'the olden days' when I sent my film off and it came back and all those supposed to be awesome pictures were to dark or something. least you are getting some learning experience with photo shop! ha... I really do like that last one of the chair. It just needs some great quote to go with it.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I have a lot to learn about photography. I agree with Tammy that the green chair needs some great quote to go with it. Actually with all this rain we're getting, it looks similar to mildew. I heard one of the CNN new anchor women, Robin Meade I think, say to Bob van Dillon, the weather guy, the other day that they hadn't seen sun in Atlanta in such a long time they were bound to get rickets. I agree.

Vicki Lane said...

Hope that sinus problem clears up soon, Carol!

I say hurrah for digital, Tammy -- I used to spend way too much money developing crummy pictures.

Actually, Sam, the chair is covered with lichen and mildew -- it's in a shady spot and has quite a patina. As yes, it's raining again here.

A great quote would be nice . . . I think the chair picture looks dream-like . . . Green Adirondack Dreams could be a title . . .

Pat in east TN said...

OK, I'm in agreement with everyone on the green chair picture ... I really like it ... really, really. The other pictures are good, and quite interesting. Don't get discouraged though and keep sharing those special effects.

Poetry24 said...

Hi Vicki

I like these pictures, particularly the second and the chair.

It's always rewarding to unload the camera to find a couple of gems among the many shots we tend to take in digital format. But hey, if we can't have some fun with software from time to time, it's too bad.

Sometimes, as in the case of your chair, the effect can be magical.

Vicki Lane said...

Well, you guys are really kind!

Victoria said...

I love Digital, too. Like you, I used to spend way to much money developing crummy pictures. Now I just delete them! :)

I love the picture of the green chair. How about "Ageing Greenfully" for a title? ;-)

Merisi said...

Well, you made a creative experience look really good!

Could it be that you had the camera on the manual setting?

It really pays to check the pictures on the monitor. I still do. Every now and then it saved me from big trouble, i.e. no pictures or bad ones (not that I don't have a ton of bad ones anyway).

I am only now beginning to study the manual, after more than a year with the camera. It turns out that's very useful, indeed (quelle surprise!). Kidding aside, I found the manual simply too intimidating at the beginning. Now I am learning little by little to become more technically adept.

Keep on shooting,
and good luck!

Vicki Lane said...

"Aging Greenfully" is just right, Victoria!

I really don't know, Merisi. I've alternated between Program and Auto -- but it could have gotten turned to Manual by mistake.

And it was, at least, a lesson to check the monitor. It's becoming automatic now.

And how nice to hear that you're only now getting around to the owner's manual! It gives me hope!