Friday, October 24, 2008

One Vote

Having heard rumors of a larger than usual turn out on Election Day, I voted early. It doesn't have that same nice small-town America feel that I always enjoy, but I was happy to miss the usual gauntlet of folks posted just outside the boundaries and ready to thrust pamphlets or cards at me. I wonder if anyone is actually swayed by these last minute appeals.

Polls show that there are still folks trying to make up their minds. I've known all along which side I support -- known so clearly that I have trouble understanding how anyone could think otherwise. So in an effort to comprehend the mindset of the other side (Do you see that I'm trying to stay non-political?), I've spent a little time listening to their radio shows and reading their on-line commentary. And finding it pretty appalling.

I've come to the conclusion that we all must have a kind of in-dwelling filter. My candidate makes a pronouncement and I think, Yeah, that sounds good and reasonable. But folks on the other side hear the same words and interpret them as evil and/or nonsensical. And of course, when the other side speaks, it's the same: What sounds like blind ignorance or cynical manipulation to me is embraced as true patriotism by others.

So I cast my single vote, hoping with all my heart that the winning side will possess the strength and wisdom and good will to guide our country out of the storm of crises that threaten to test us all. . .

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Unknown said...

Vicki - I voted early too. I just needed to get it over with - we have been so bombarded with negativity - I hoped at least getting my vote over with would help put some of that behind me. We can hopefully move on and get this country on track toward fiscal and personal responsibility. I can dream can't I??

Susan M. Bell said...

I will probably be voting this afternoon. I'm in the minority in my area I think. I put a lawn sign up in front of our house today, and my husband is worried about the flack he will get from people he knows at work as the majority of them are for the "other side."

I too will be glad when it's all over. I hate election time, especially during the presidential election. Negative ads are every where, so I too try to do my own research.

Liz, we all have that dream. :}

Vicki Lane said...

There was a letter to the editor in our local paper from a woman who had put a political sign in her yard (for the candidate I happen to favor) only to have someone come and set it on fire one night.

A sad comment on the state of our democracy and the mindset of some of its citizens.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Hi Vicki, I just can't even try to be non-political. I know it won't work. I guess it has to do in part with how I was raised, looking for logic and a sense of reality and history in political debate, thanks to my father's wide reading, after working hard by day on the farm, in history--Ab. Lincoln was a hero. Also the overt bigotry in the deep South where I grew up makes me acutely sensitive to that line of thinking, or non-thinking. But maybe it's my personality. Overly opinionated and volatile too much of the time. I'll be glad when the election's over.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, I had a partisan post prepared a while back but it was turning into a rant. And as some of my commenters, when asked, had said they preferred I remain non-political, I've tried to do so. I imagine most of my readers know where I stand anyway.

Welcome back from Hungary! I tried to post over on your blog earlier and Blogger burped and rejected me