Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for Love?

I don't get much spam, thank goodness, due to some pretty good filters, but the occasional oddity slips through. The following showed up yesterday. Investigation revealed that Tina D. had culled my email address from an online funeral registry I'd signed half a year ago.


how are you doing today? i hope all is well. My name is Tina. In search of a man who understand the meaning of love as Trust and Faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun, but is matured Man with Nice Vision of what the world is all about, so I saw your email here in ________

I took interest in you so pleas reply me with this email ____________. i will be very happy to read you replies but I will send my picture to you that we can start to know more about each other. Thanks for reading my email and be Bless.

The Internet is a strange and wonderful place.

I have a new, brief post up on my Amazon blog -- an observation in a parking lot.

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Liz said...

Vicki - Regarding your "Parking Lot Observation" post on Amazon - my brother had a liver transplant in April - he has a handicapped parking sticker - while he appears to be a healthy 6'2" 185 lbs. man - he still suffers the effects of the anti-rejection meds and the interferon he is taking to hopefully kill the Hep C virus that he still has even after the transplant. He doesn't look sick to the casual observer - and people occasionally say something to him in the parking lot like "you could at least limp" - and he carefully lifts his shirt and shows them the Y-shaped scar the covers his entire mid-section! While he doesn't run into a health club as your lady did - he does get winded walking even short distances. Appearances can be deceiving. ~Liz P.S. email me the political rant - I love a good rant!!LOL

Vicki Lane said...

A good reminder, Liz! "Judge not that ye be not judged" continues to be good advice.

Re rant: I wrote it, enjoyed it, and deleted it. :-)