Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandfather Tree

Willow's dreamy voice rose above the talk. "At noon I took some fruit and a flask of the crystal water from your spring. I was led to follow the path at the top of the pasture into the woods. There I sat beneath a great-great grandfather tree. Grandfather Tree and I shared secrets."

She embraced them all with a knowing smile. "He spoke from his wisdom, telling me that this turmoil we are passing through is but a healing crisis -- all shall be well and all shall be well and all shall be exceeding well."

The above is from Art's Blood. Willow's a bit of an airhead -- or so she seems -- but a tree like the one in the picture is, to me, full of a kind of power. I love the way that you can lay your hand on the trunk of a living tree and feel the coolness of the sap beneath the bark as it sucks up nourishment from the earth.

Maybe I'll take this awful cold in the head that has come upon me and go sit beneath Grandfather Tree in hopes he'll tell me the same thing he told Willow -- I'm ready for this healing crisis to pass.

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Carol Murdock said...

Oh Vicki I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling low this morning.
A head cold is a lowdown thing to come on a body!

Jeannie said...

I saw your name as a follower on Vic's blog. He gave me a copy of Art's Blood for Christmas a couple of years ago (thank you so much for the signed copy) and I have waited impatiently for each new book. He also shared pictures of your dogs and I was pleased to see they were just as I had imagined them. Love your pictures of the fall colors. I miss them so much being down east in the fall.

Vicki Lane said...

Hey, Jeannie!

Welcome to the blog! There are lots of pictures here of Elizabeth-related stuff -- including the dogs.

Vic has been very nice about giving my books as gifts -- so glad you're enjoying Elizabeth's adventures!

I'm enjoying following Vic via his blog.

Thanks for speaking up -- I love hearing from folks