Sunday, October 12, 2008

. . . And Home Again

We left the motel in Virginia early this morning and were on our way in time to see sunrise along the eastern rim of the Shenandoah Valley. This wide valley has some of the most beautiful, well-tended farms imaginable, as well as some wonderful old farmhouses. Alas -- not easy to take pictures -- emergency stopping only.

But when we got into North Carolina, we stopped at the Sams Gap welcome center on I-26 and I sampled the autumn color.

Those distant mountains are the Blue Ridge -- some of the same ones we see from our house but at a slightly different angle.

And now I have to get to work. I've unpacked and the washer is churning. All those receipts have to be put with my tax stuff -- a lot of this trip was mercifully deductible. And there are some thank yous and follow ups to conversations begun this weekend to write . Maybe tomorrow I 'll post a little web album of some more pictures from Baltimore.

And, of course, number one priority in the coming weeks is Miss Birdie.

But I don't have to fix dinner! Justin and Claui, who've been looking after the house and the critters, left a delicious looking Spanish stew in the refrigerator for us, as well as a big chunk of cake -- are those great kids, or what?

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Anonymous said...

All the credit goes to my mom for the apple cake!~Claui