Thursday, October 3, 2019

Josie and the Terrible Twos

I am Josie.

Sometimes I am oppositional.

Like when Meema said I was doing a good job using my spoon.

So I had to eat the rest of my yogurt with the little end of the spoon.

Yesterday I ate my oatmeal with my fingers.

Also, sometimes I have to yell NONONONO!

Meema calls it a tantrum if I lie on the floor and kick and say NONONO.

I don't do that very often--just when Meema is being difficult.

I also change my mind a lot.
I want noodles.
I don’t eat noodles.
I want yogurt.
I don’t want yogurt.

I want to go to the library.
I don’t want to go to the library.
I don’t want to go home.
I want to stay at the library.

If I fall down and yell, Meema walks away.
Then I get up and go to the car with her.

It is kind of a game.
After all, I’m not quite two and a half years old.

There’s a name for that:
Terrible twos.

Meema looked on her computer and it said that temper tantrums are a common and developmentally appropriate behavior for children under three.

It also said that after three, I will be more able to use words to express my frustration.

I am practicing those words.

There are some I should not say so I say DAGNABBIT!


Also the computer said that when I am three, I will behave in more socially acceptable ways.

We’ll see.


KarenB said...

Good luck! For some reason, both my kids had terrible threes more than terrible twos. They both wanted to exercise as much independence as they could, but, since they hadn't developed much judgement, that meant I had to watch them like a hawk!

NCmountainwoman said...

We call them "attitudes" and the tantrums "meltdowns," but they are the same old terrible twos you mention, Josie. Yesterday it was because Violet's daddy wouldn't let her take the batteries out of the thermometer.

My daughter's worst tantrum was to stamp her little foot, hands on hips. My son taught me what full-blown, five-star tantrums really were.

This too will pass away, Josie. Meemaw has more experience at this than you do and she is patient and loving.