Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bright Colors Meets Your Various Needs *

Bright colors meets your various needs and give you different look and happy mood.

These rhythm band scarves are suitable for kindergarten. dance group, magical performance, square juggling dance, musical play, etc. Or you use its basically function as dressing accessories and decoration. 

Attention that do not letting your kids to put it into the mouth, avoid chocking hazard.

PORTABLE AND NICE PRESENT CHOICE: It is very light that can be floded to quite small size, easy to storage it in your purse, handbag, backpack or travel luggage case during travelling or outing performance. Such a beautiful scraves defintely will make your female family and friends feel happy as a gift.

*I haven't quite lost my mind. Josie was playing with these scarves and they looked so pretty in the sunlight that I had to take pictures of them. Then I had a look at where I ordered them to see if they were actually silk. They were described as such, but it was other parts of the ad copy that I couldn't resist and have reproduced above. It all gives me a happy mood.


Thérèse said...

It brings us colors we need right now in Toulouse. Thanks.

Barbara Rogers said...

I knew in a flash that our proper English writer had not made those tense mistakes! Giggle!

katy gilmore said...

oh I love that! I just finished a small body of work for an exhibition opening in November - I wish I could title it "Bright Colors Meets Your Various Needs!" Perfect.