Monday, April 30, 2018

Walk With Me

Yesterday morning Layla and I walked down to the pond.

Rue anemones were blooming at wood's edge.

It was a perfect day -- clear and bright and a little cool.

Wild geranium.

The fragrance of the wisteria was heavenly!

Not sure but this might be a Wood anemone. Tell me if I'm wrong.

The trees are leafing out.

The Osage Orange blossoms smell almost as good as the wisteria.

So many shades of green!

John pruned the wisteria hard last year -- and now the pond house wears it like a hat instead of an all-covering garment.


I love the reflection of those trees.

Can't stop taking pictures -- the wisteria is such a fleeting joy.

Really, that's enough. Look at the color of the leaves on this seedling maple . . .

Or these three sentinel trees at the graveyard on the hill.

And that was just a taste -- I took an even hundred pictures yesterday and edited them down to fifty-four -- some of which I'll be posting this week. 

Spring is surely my favorite season. 


Anvilcloud said...

How absolutely delightful ... and that pond house with Wisteria.

Barbara Rogers said...

What a sensory experience to share!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful walk you had indeed. Thanks for sharing, I love your pictures. xx

jennyfreckles said...

What a beautiful walk. I could quite happily sit in your pond house all day and just enjoy the peace.

GPearson said...
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GPearson said...

Thank you for the lovely walk! I would never leave the pond house! So beautiful! 💖

Jime said...

Thanks for taking us on that walk. Your surrounds are eye candy for the soul.