Friday, December 22, 2017

Hidden Light


Yesterday midmorning and the sun had barely broken through the clouds. (Yesterday's sunrise shot was taken a few days before.) It didn't shine on our little piece of the world but I could see it illuminating the mist in the distance.

That patch of brightness caught my eye  -- it looked almost like an eruption of light -- and I grabbed my camera.

Then it was back to laundry and making granola and wrapping presents and making clues to accompany the presents . . . and so the day went. Too busy, but it's all almost done -- just a few desserts to make and the Christmas morning ambrosia to prepare and I'm ready -- unless I've forgotten something.


Bernie said...

Perfect, ready, not perfect, not ready.....Christmas is going to come and go anyway and if you are surrounded by the people you love warmed by a fire with lots of good food then I call that a wonderful perfect day! Merry Merry Christmas my dear FB friend, wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2018.

Barbara R. said...

Ah, the promise of light returning...just a short glimpse here yesterday, on shortest day it seemed just right. Now the cold season continues, but there's the celebrations of the season, sharing love more than anything else. May it continue throughout the year.

Jime said...

That's something to see and capture. To have the light come from beiow the mountain top is an eruption. Waytogo Vicki