Sunday, January 8, 2017

Of Sickness and Health and Brokenness

The snow of the first snowfall was still coming down Saturday morning and I still had to decide whether to attempt the barefoot walk for health in the coming year.

Some friends suggested that it wouldn't be a good idea, what with my somewhat crippled state; others offered to barefoot walk  for me by proxy. And several suggested that my barefoot walk last year hadn't saved me from the late unpleasantness of a broken ankle, dislocated shoulder, and large laceration.

Hmmm. I disagree. The barefoot walk is for good health -- and I don't consider brokenness resulting from an accident as ill health. I haven't been sick -- just impaired.

But though I'm a little superstitious, I'm not an idiot. I asked John to come hold my arm while I tottered out barefoot into the snow.

 And when I mentioned to him the comments that said the walk last year hadn't saved me from brokenness, he suggested (and he's not at all superstitious) that maybe it had saved me from getting killed.

I'll take it.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yay Vicki! May your health be superb this year!

Frances said...

I echo John's opinion. Glad you all managed the walk. Did John also go barefoot?

Those birds are brilliant! xo

Vicki Lane said...

No, he didn't. As I said. he's not superstitious.

Anvilcloud said...

Phew! Glad that's sorted. :)

Becky Crabtree said...

The ceremony of it all and simply believing may just make the magic! May you be protected from illness AND pain in the coming year.

Chance said...

You walked. I see your footprints in the snow. It was good to see this. You are there on your mountain, alive and kicking, just not so high yet.
It's a good reality. Realities differ, but it's the only place to get pie. Chance

Stella Jones said...

All your comments are true Vicki. I think you showed that although your body has been knocked about, your spirit is undimished. Brave!

Jime said...

Never hurts to play the odds.