Monday, August 5, 2019

What Sort of People . . .?

What sort of people think frequent mass shootings aren't a problem worthy of congressional action? There've been 250 (give or take) so far this year for our poor country, carried out, for the most part, by young white males. Not Mexicans, not Muslims, but young white American citizens, radicalized or emboldened by the climate of hate and fear this sorry administration has ginned up to in hopes of holding on to its base.

What sort of people think it's important that anyone, including mentally ill persons, be able to purchase weapons and ammunition capable of mass destruction--more important than all the innocent lives lost in these killing sprees?

What sort of people need an assault type weapon?

What sort of people think the answer to the problem is thoughts and prayers/mandated prayer in school/bulletproof kid's backpacks, shooter drills, and safe corners in every school?

What sort of people can support a president and Congresspersons so beholden to the NRA that they can ignore the corpses piling up?

I weep for our country that it contains so many of that sort of people.


Barbara Rogers said...

I am continually angry that our elected officials have gotten into bed with the NRA's contributions and won't make ANY laws regarding gun control. THAT's the sort of people where I see the "buck stops there now." So when I see ads for GOP politicians on TV, I know they are paid for by that money...blood money. Money buys politicians paid for with death by mass shootings.

Anvilcloud said...

It's so sad.

NCmountainwoman said...

They are the sort of people who (along with the Russians) put Trump in the White House. The fact that the gunman was down in less than one minute yet still managed to kill 9 people should say something loud to the Nation about rapid-fire rifles.

Vicki Lane said...

And the fact that he was arrested rather than shot dead (like the black guy who picked up an air gun in Walmart) says a lot about the racism endemic in our culture.

jennyfreckles said...

It seems unbelievable, from this distance, that your laws are not being tightened to reduce this gun crime. Bu then, so much seems unbelievable these days, many things over here too... So sad.

Nan Emanuel said...

Not me... my disgust lingers on a daily basis, but seems it is my burden to bear in the current American mindset.