Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Time Travel -- Back to 2003

So I've worked my way through the photos on my laptop and can't resist posting some of the highlights. Above is a young Eddie the Cat and below is a scene from the farm in Tennessee that we owned back then.

Back in 2003 my friends and I made banners for our library's stacks -- still in use today.

Dog Club (Maggie, Eddie, Jack, and Bear) met every morning on our bed.

Christmas dinner -- some folks we miss. 

A pomelo section -- I've always loved this picture for some reason.


Anvilcloud said...

The light on the pomelo is rather good.

Barbara Rogers said...

Tres beautiful! Full of loving memories,

Nan Emanuel said...

Exactly why we take pics! Gotta love the canine crew.

jennyfreckles said...

It's fun going through old photos. I might post a few of mine someday, when I've temporarily run out of current offerings, as you do from time to time.