Saturday, August 3, 2019

Figs in the Greenhouse!

Figs are marginal here -- often getting frozen back to the roots. So after some years of hauling a potted fig in and out of the greenhouse, I planted it--in the greenhouse.

 It's responded with a bumper crop and when I'm not wrapping them in prosciutto,  I add them to salad. 

This one also had spinach, mangoes, roasted almonds, vinaigrette, and a bit of fancy cheese--that also had figs in it, along with rum and honey. Yum!


Barbara Rogers said...

There used to be a vendor at our Tailgate Market who sold figs for just a few weeks a year...and they were gobbled up quickly. I fell in love with them then. You are smart o grow them inside a greenhouse, and not share them with birds!

Nan Emanuel said...

What a clever idea! I envy you your fig "store", but you certainly worked for them over the years. The recipe sounds absolutely lovely, would you mind sharing it? Is it attributable to a source?

Vicki Lane said...

No recipe, as such--just the listed ingredients. I made a similar salad last night with spinach, peaches, figs, almonds and goat cheese.

Darla said...

I'm so envious!!!! I ate my first white fig in Tucson when we lived there and desperately wish they were available here in the Ozarks - haven't seen them ANYWHERE. Enjoy!