Monday, May 14, 2018

Origami Building Blocks

Josie's first birthday is tomorrow and this box has been lurking in my closet for months. Forty cardboard blocks -- adult assembly required. So I spent much of Sunday afternoon, doing the adult thing.

I was a bit chagrined to find that, beyond an enigmatic 1-2-3-4 printed on the sides, there was no clue as to what to do with the various tabs and slots. And there were no instructions on or in the box they came in.

A few desultory attempts only served to confirm that spatial engineering is not my thing. Still, I persisted and went online in search of help. Sure enough, I found a video by a couple who'd purchased a similar product (with instructions) and as soon as they began to fold, I saw how it was done. Hoorah!

It's an ingenious design that produces sturdy, light-weight blocks. My boys had some when they were young and those blocks survived years of rough play -- forts, castles, mazes, and who knows what else.

Easy when you know how!

I folded about half of them -- no need to overwhelm the little girl. The rest can wait in my closet till I see that they're needed.


Josie may be a bit young for forts and castles but I think we can have fun making houses for her animals . . . and a road for her car to go RMM RMM on.


KarenB said...

That gave me a vivid flashback to trying to fold those things for my kids! They did get a lot of creative play, though, which made it worth the effort. Other toys that were used for a long time were a cart of wooden blocks of many assorted shapes and sizes and, when a bit older, a tub full of pattern blocks.

Sandra Parshall said...

Josie will figure out what to do with them. We want pictures, of course. Wishing this precious girl a very happy first birthday!

Barbara Rogers said...

Super-grandma...learning new (revised) skills to keep up with her little one! Happy day to Josie!

Miss_Yves said...

Very pleasant !