Thursday, May 3, 2018


I have passed this little building weekly for the past forty some years. When we first moved here, it was a white-painted cinderblock workshop for a fella who did welding and  fabrication of things like roll bars  . . .

Then he moved on and the new occupants -- a video rental business -- painted  the cinderblocks in excruciatingly bright colors (maybe it was purple and neon green, but I seem to have blocked the memory.) 

Video rental had its day and the building, now tastefully adorned with rock and wooden siding, became the sales office of a nearby pricey gated community.

Came the economic unpleasantness and the sales office became a lawyer's office.

A while later and the building sat empty. Then a few months ago, a sign went up. I was puzzled as to what was on offer here but the place was always closed when I went by.

On my trip to the grocery this week, I noticed a chalkboard by the front door and pulled in to take a look. The doors were still closed but the chalk board revealed the latest chapter in this little building's history.

How times have changed!


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

What an interesting history that building has — and what a surprising way to end up. Have you gone for a Tarot reading yet? I would be so tempted. :-)

Unknown said...

Noticed that (current incarnation of) that place when driving away from easter with tiff and kasie. I said "Wiccans?" They said, in stereo, "yup, must be."

(Curious about tarot Tuesday's with 'Cory' me and my feline namesake are likely not to be impressed.)

Anvilcloud said...

Interesting history and present use. I wonder how long this incarnation will last.

Vicki Lane said...

I'm not likely to be a customer -- I'm too skeptical and too cheap. Plus, I'm not looking for answers.

Barbara Rogers said...

So intriguing to have the history of a building attached to its very "out there" present incarnation. I'd definitely go for a reading...spirit animals, mmmm.