Friday, March 31, 2017

Baby Book -- 1917

Continuing my cleaning and de-accessioning of books (six boxes in the Jeep ready to go to the library for their book sale,) I came across my mother's baby book from 1917.

I was intrigued by some of the entries -- for example, when did baby go into short clothes. Evidently most babies started out in long gowns but, according to my grandmother's entry, "Baby's clothes was all made short."

My mother's name was Virginia but my grandfather often called her Jean. Now I know why. At the age of 16 months, she declared that her name was Jean Cutt -- much easier to say than Virginia Northcutt.

My favorite is the Bright Sayings wherein it is recorded that one day Jean asked, "Mama, who is God's grandmother?"

Little Jean's mama had been a Sunday School teacher before her marriage. Her answer, however, is not recorded.


Barbara Rogers said...

How very sweet...I love how smart that 16 month old gal was. Now am thinking about God's grandmother, of course.

Thérèse said...


ArnnKnight said...

Vicki -- what a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing it.

katy gilmore said...

100 years ago!

Frances said...

Vicki, I do think I feel a tear forming in my right eye. This was wonderful to read. xo