Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strange and Silly Sunday

Every once in a while I receive a puzzling piece of spam that is, nonetheless, somehow poetic -- in a James Joycean sort of way.   This piece below is one such -- with a hint of T.S. Eliot.

I removed the URLS and changed the line breaks but otherwise, it's as received -- a piece of found poetry.

Of the baseball from replica, speaking.
 Until designer to conceal replica, raferty went
come to stand one - to - three women into an visit,
and he didn't oiled accessory four breeches from the winder animal but windows.
 There thought four among i, 
five of the bridal, and three as a jewelry.

Relic was the clean brand from in their watches doorway and made i to rich.
And roughly, who were shading of?
A new ladies whispered with you.
Svend angered of very through he has.
Try he tightly name then?
Down company it posed
 we were. 

In the japan replica came out his giddy rolex, 
but into her lab won't all new unit all an night.
Debilitating the replica as no designer, he leaves i to help
 i lose in this gown. I was breitling. Bulgari was up that black then. 
Tourneau hi the uneasy corner - observed watches.
 Fake could be the very watches. 

The several motion, wishing on that shop of the davosa watches,
could be the nothing of the place of the quiet hand of winder's
Replica but world had of to ride arriving to the sights
 now when cru labored his men.
My donney of the most short bourke through watches answer? 

The rotary watches in a snow.
The English major that I once was looks for meaning in these phrases -- who is Raferty and why one to three women? And what was the accessory he didn't oil?

And what about Svend?

For me, this piece conjures up elegant and mysterious women in designer gowns wearing expensive watches while a raffish Irishman and a dour Swede exchange enigmatic quips about the nothing of the place,

But I have to say that the donney of the most short bourke has me baffled.
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Novice Naturalist said...

Undeniable truth here:

"Fake could be the very watches."

Great post from one former English major to another! Happy Sunday.

Martin H. said...

Yes there's more than a shade of 'Finnegan's Wake', here. Interesting.

jennyfreckles said...

'There thought four among i,
five of the bridal, and three as a jewelry' really appeals, though I don't know why. It's a lot better than one I had recently that was ranting about not marrying American women.

Brian Miller said...

ha. some nice found poetry...very surreal...kinda like that first looks like an art model it? have a great sunday vicki

June said...

It certainly is poetry!
I suspect it's your arrangement that makes it so, but still...

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks for putting up with my silliness -- this message just totally intrigued me -- unlike the one from the man boycotting American women -- I'm boycotting him.

The figure in the first photo, Brian, is a pottery sculpture. He is supposed to be holding his face in his hand but it's on the table in my son's house. (And if that explanation doesn't fit this post...)

Jill said...

You always have amazing photos accommpanying your blog posts!

evalinn said...

That´s an interesting perspective! :-)

Star said...

I like looking at the inside of that watch.

Reader Wil said...

For me it's like Double Dutch or , like Shakespeare said:"It's all Greek to me".

I had several e-mails like that.

Victoria said...

Maybe they're carrying fake Rolex watches in their Dooney and Bourke handbags?

It reminds me also of the first few lines of 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll.

You get the most interesting spam, Vicki!

tattytiara said...

I'll take five. Can I get a shipping discount?

That was seriously fun.

Merisi said...

Desperately looking for the bank account where I can send the money! ;-)

Would you believe that we found a spam letter in our actual brick and steel mailbox? Sent from a lawyer, in English, from an Italian address. Still contemplating if I should drive down and check it out. On the other hand, simply sending them the money with by bank account number would be more efficient, I suppose. ;-)

JJM said...

"But I have to say that the donney of the most short bourke has me baffled."

Bet he means "donnybrook" (brawl). Not that this is enlightening in any fashion, but it fits.
--Mario Rups

Deanna said...

Maybe I need to read my spam more carefully - whose to say what will turn up!

That last picture of the flower with its patooie tongue sticking out made me giggle.

Tipper said...

Well I never get nothing that interesting!!