Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Wish You So Beautiful - A Flight of Fantasy

I was leaving a comment over at Willow's place on Monday when the comment just before mine caught my eye-- it was like a dip into Dada or a moment in the Theatre of the Absurd. I suggest reading it aloud. With feeling. And four part harmony if you have friends nearby. Here it is.
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Mon Mar 15, 10:15:00 AM

I don't know; call me easily entertained but I just love the language -- probably the result of one of those on-line translators. Or maybe it was Yoda.

I immediately copied the comment -- mere seconds before Willow deleted it. Yeah, there was some stuff in the URL at the end (which I've altered) about that prescription drug that rhymes with Niagara.

But it kept me grinning through the rest of a dreary Monday morning. And I wish you so beautiful forever.


Poetry24 said...


You've demonstrated how keen observation can result in an excellent post. The photography is superb too. What's the story behind the shadowy birds?

Alan Burnett said...

These comment spams are becoming more frequent and can be annoying .... but you are right, sometime they contain poetry.

Vicki Lane said...

Martin - Pretty trivial but I just loved the words. The photos are just my playing around with pictures I already had (crows, cow, steps)- combining them in an attempt to produce an image as surreal as the message.

Hi, Alan -- Enjoyed your post on why we blog! I fear that blogging is an addiction for some of us. (Me)

R. Burnett Baker said...

Alan is right...we can find poetry in the most unlikely places. Then again, I suppose that's an inherent characteristic of poetry.

You're right, Vicki....the words in that spam are quite endearing! Fun!

Helen T in SC said...

I'm all over a respectable template.

Vicki Lane said...

Made me laugh, Helen!

Tammy said...

Too funny! I love how you find humor (and poetry) in so many things. Also really liked the picture of the boots on the steps. That was was especially nifty. (looks like you are having fun with your camera too!)

CHummelKornell said...


Love your blog! You have a way with words (of course) but your photos are wonderful as well. Looking forward to future posts. Thanks for visiting me and drop by anytime. I will be back to daily posts next week.

tony said...

Viagra Tends To Get You Tongue-Tied!

Vicki Lane said...

Tammy, it's all around us!

Thanks, C.Hummel! I'll be dropping by.

Tony -- is that on the warning label?

Victoria said...

Oh yeah, I always say if you can't portal well, don't portal at all.

Vicki Lane said...

Tee hee!

Tess Kincaid said...

Well, I'm so glad my template is respected! Actually, I think this was Yoda. He showed up on my site meter from far, far away.

joanna said...


You have a keen eye for sure,, an observer of life -- glad you spotted that from Willows post a good one for sure
and I loved how you observe life all around you from the Greek Cook -- the young girl with the guitar -- and I might add you were astute enough to comment that you did not see her break the egg in the pan - so the reader knows not whether she actually made a good egg or not --
interesting small events of life that make up our days, that weave a story ..

Vicki Lane said...

Oh my, Willow, your template is MOST respectable! It's the talk of the blogosphere.

Thank you, Joanny. I like to watch, as that Peter Sellers character said. A useful trait for a writer.

Tipper said...

I'm glad you caught it-it is quite something. I think the spammers are getting smarter about how they try to trick us : )

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Vicki - the photos are magical!

Vagabonde said...

It sounded like a translation from the Chinese. My English is a long way from being perfect so I try not to mock others but at my husband’s work one foreign born person would always say “I’ll do this in a soon moment now and then.” That meant he would do it later. We liked that so much that we still use this phrase when we don’t want to do something right away. I also loved your pictures. How did you do that?

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, folks!

Vaagabonde -- I certainly didn't mean to mock -- but this was a spammer and, I think, the result of computerized translation. I just loved the sound of it -- like your 'in a soon moment now and then' -- which I also adore and shall add to my store of excuses.

The picture are the result of the collage function on Picasa. Just two or three images superimposed on each other. If you don't have Picasa, it's a free download.

JamaGenie said...

Drats! In the past week, I've deleted two "upside down English" comments similar to this at my blog, Sat's Child. I'll have to stop being so quick on the Reject button. "I wish you so beautiful" is priceless! Good eye, Vicki!