Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's Playing?

When out shopping the other day, I saw this congregation of birds -- probably starlings -- and they looked like musical notes to me.

I don't read music, but I think I can guess the tune.

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Martin H. said...

If those birdie dots don't add up to this song, then they should do. Nice choice Vicki.

Miss_Yves said...

Great post !
I am a fan of leonard Cohen as a singer and as an author !
Last week, last sunday, while I ironed , I listened his DVD "live in london", recorded in concert at the O 2 Arena, July 17 th 2008!
A great pleasure !

(Sorry:The video on you Tube doesn't work very well)

Miss_Yves said...

Vicki , la galette is for Epiphany , but , in fact , the use is to eat it during the whole month of January !

Miss_Yves said...

Thank you very much for the link:very interesting !
I noticed thelittle exhibition of "fèves" like mine !
Of course, we also know "Mardi Gras "(we eat pancakes) and Carnaval .
Some towns are famous for their beautiful carnavals:
Nice, in the south of France, and Granville, in Normandy .

Miss_Yves said...

Vicki Lane said...

Many thanks, Miss Yves!

Tammy said...

Neat picture and I love the connection you made with how they look like a sheet of musical notes.

Friko said...

He is still one of my favourites!
More or less the only one I've stayed faithful to for most of his career.
I also love his poetry.

Vicki Lane said...

Tammy, I was in a parking lot and looked up and saw those wires and birds and sheet music was the first thing I thought of!

Friko, A friend introduced us to LC's music back in the late Sixties and it was love at first hearing. He's a genius.

Victoria said...

I've been a fan of LC's since the late 60's, too. I agree, he is a genius. I like the idea of birds as musical notes!

On your previous post: Little Asher is adorable. I couldn't watch the video, but I think he has great expressions in the pictures you put up, especially where he's thinking this is how it all starts. Too funny!