Friday, January 15, 2010

Stalactites and Sundogs

As the temperatures soared into the forties and I drove toward Asheville, I saw any number of frozen waterfalls and stalactite-like ice formations on the rocks of the roadside. But then I spotted this beauty and had to stop and get a picture.

I'm guessing it was over twenty feet tall.

As I was returning, in the western sky I spotted a sun dog to the right of the sun and I had to pull off and try to capture it. Further on, where there was an unobstructed view, I could see sun dogs on either side of the sun -- but couldn't capture them and the sun on one shot.

Sun dogs are reflections on one or both sides of the sun, always at the same distance as the sun from the horizon. The ones I saw today were fairly vague -- click on the link for pictures that make it look as it there were three suns in the sky.

Wouldn't that be an omen!

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maría cecilia said...

wow!!! I would love to see that with my own eyes!!!!
Take care driving in the iced roads my friend!!!
Maria Cecilia

Pat in east TN said...

Great pictures Vicki!

Our cold weather has given us some beautiful sights .. frozen beauties from a trickle of water running down a rock wall to a waterfall such as yours.

Tammy said...

Sundogs are so awesome and to see two of them had to make the day special. Supposedly they are like a ring around the moon in that they denote a change in weather---according to the old timers.

Friko said...

fantastic pictures! Isn't nature wonderful, she provides us with images man can only marvel at.

I came over from Square Sunshine. I like your blog very much.

jennyfreckles said...

Wow, I've nver heard of or seen a sundog before. I wonder if we get them here in UK? The frozen waterfalls are lovely.

Vicki Lane said...

Actually, Maria Cecilia, the paved roads are fine -- our gravel driveway, however, is still a bit icy and we have chains on our jeep for going up and down.

Hope your weather today is as nice as ours, Pat! Sunny...temps in the fifties...hooray!

It was so cool, Tammy! And according to the forecast, rain's coming -- which would be a change in the weather.

Thanks for stopping by, Friko! I'm on my way to have a look at your blog!

According to the Wikipedia article, sun dogs occur all over the world, jennyfreckles. I only learned about them a few days ago when a friend sent me a picture she'd taken and was amazed when I spotted one yesterday. Evidently they occur when the sun is low in the sky -- that means it would help to have an unobstructed view.

Martin H. said...

Terrific photographs Vicki. That frozen waterfall just looks so dramatic.

Glad to hear that the thaw has set in at last.

Star said...

Fascinating post Vicki! I adored the icy waterfalls and I've never heard of sundogs until today. Just wonderful. I loved to be reminded of the ice on the rocks. It is one of my favourite memories of my wedding day with Larry. We married in Gatlinburg in February and as we made our way to the chapel, the rocks had icicles hanging from them. It was very romantic.
Thanks for the memory.
Blessings, Star
Blessings, Star

Miss_Yves said...

Fantastic !
Your stalactites are bigger than mine !
The frozen waterfall could be a scenery in a romantic drama.

Hélène Glehen said...

At least, to day I've learned something ! I did not know that sundogs exist and I've never seen them.
The stalactites are amazing indeed. Thank you to share...

Vicki Lane said...

Isn't it a beauty, Martin! And you and Miss Yves both saw its dramatic potential -- now I'm trying to think of the drama -- perhaps an opera based on DR.ZHIVAGO? A perfect setting for an aria by Z and Lara.

So glad my picture brought back happy memories, Star! Perhaps your wedding is the drama I'm seeking!

It's such fun to learn new things, isn't it, Helene? Once I knew they existed, I found a sun dog!