Friday, January 8, 2010

Variations on a Theme

The Eternal Cycle --
In the night fat snowflakes drift down from the dark sky,
Blanketing the roof in an icy winter coverlet.
Morning brings sun's melting magic;
Unraveling, the blanket edges
Slide earthwards,
Hang frozen,
And then,


Disappear . . . into the waiting earth below.

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Martin H. said...


There must be something about the life of an icicle. In the winter of 1962/63 we had one that had grown to about eight or nine inches at the base. I remember how I couldn't wait to see it each morning, to mark any change. Similarly, in the evening, I was compelled to check it's state before going to bed.

Your pictures took me straight back to that time.

Miss_Yves said...

Congratulations !
for your wonderful pictures
et pour
le calligramme !

Miss_Yves said...

Congratulations !
for your wonderful pictures
et pour
le calligramme !

Pat in east TN said...

The icicle pictures are really beautiful Vicki! I always find them to be quite interesting and we have some unique ones hanging on our house and out buildings right now.

It's brutal over here this morning ... 12 with strong winds whipping the light snow around. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Snow made it as far south as Atlanta last night. Just enough to cover the grass; it's beautiful, but will be gone probably before day's end. Our totally white cat had perfect 'commo' this morning when he went out for his-very quick-morning constitutional.

Lynne in GA

Vicki Lane said...

Now that was some icicle, Martin!! We have a couple that are about a yard long and I'm keeping my eye on them. Just heard on the news this morning that the UK is having its coldest winter in many years. Us too.

Thank, Miss Yves!

Bitter here also, Pat. But we still have power, knock wood.

Hope you got a picture, Lynne! Our cats are quarreling on the stairs to my room -- bored, bored, bored, they are.

carolr said...

Hmmm. I would like to use that poem when I teach the water cycle to my class...

Vicki Lane said...

You're welcome to use it, Carolr!

Merisi said...

Magic images!

It snowed all day here yesterday. I ventured out out lunch hour (well, prolonged, more than two hours) and I almost froze my hands off, since mittens are no good for taking pictures. It was not only very cold, but also almost grey for the scarcity of light. I kept looking at the watch, afraid of it being late, and then it was only 2pm! At midnight, though, I heard that familiar drip-drip: It was thowing! Back to freezing this morning, with more snow expected and completely devoid of any reflections. Things are just there, white seeming grey, lifeless.

Vicki Lane said...

Thank you, Merisi! I don't venture far from the house these days -- too cold, too much danger of slipping and falling. But I do appreciate your prowling the frigid streets of Vienna to bring us so many beautiful images!

Tipper said...

Pretty icicles! Yours are much larger than the ones hanging around my house.

Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Vicki, how do yet your blog to do that concrete poem set-up? I'm envious.
No icicles here.

Vicki Lane said...

Tipper, that probably means it's colder here, alas.

Kay, I just used that thing at the top when you're composing that allows you to center or justify left or right ( I think that's the terminology.) It did as I hoped in the Preview but I was holding my breath to see if it would publish that way as sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own.