Sunday, May 4, 2008

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

My brain hurts!

Recently I bought a new digital camera -- one with increased zoom so that I can, with any luck, get better bird pictures (especially that heron at the river.) The camera's been sitting in the box it came in for almost a week now, so today I have been forcing myself to slog through the directions and try to figure out all the New and Improved functions available in this amazing little silver rectangle. Though embarassingly resistant to change, as well as being pretty backward with technology, I've been assured by Cory, my photographer friend, that this device is suited to my limited abilities.

It takes a nice closeup of an unfolding amaryllis bloom.

A standard shot of our front porch -- no problem. Now I have to go in search of a subject for my zoom. Ah, yes, I feel my brain muscles flexing!

May you never be without something new to learn!
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