Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Calfie

The calf I wrote about back on April 30 is doing great! Healthy and strong, he's a very eager eater.We feed him the recommended amount of milk replacer -- too much could scour him (give him diarrhea, also known as 'the scours'). But when he's sucked the bucket dry, he looks to us for more, trying to nurse a finger, a shirt tail, whatever.

He's very single-minded and, as I said, strong. The butting is instinctive behavior -- calves always butt their mama's udders. It seems like a signal to the cow to let her milk down.

John and I (and particularly John) have learned to keep our legs together when the calfie is looking for more.
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Pat in east TN said...

Oooh springtime with new little ones running around the pastures, tails in the air!!! LOL I remember those days on our farm and what fun/joy they brought to us!! (Vicki, I can't see photo 2 or 3 ... is it me???)

Vicki Lane said...

Hmmm. . . it must be you -- I'm seeing all three. Try again -- I think sometimes Blogger burps or hiccups. When I first posted this, it was fine. Then I looked at it a few hours later -- no pix. So I reposted. It seems fine to me at this moment.

Re tails in air: I'm sure that where the expression 'high-tailin it' must have come from. Like a chipmunk darting across the road -- or a calfie hurrying to the suck bucket.

(Suck bucket -- sounds like a good name for a punk band.)

Pat in east TN said...

OK, it must be me in my constant state of confusion ... I do see 3 pics but there looks like there could/should be 2 more???

Suck bucket/punk band ... I love it, I love it!!! That gave me a good Sunday morning laugh!!!