Saturday, May 10, 2008

Invasive Species

Multiflora rose -- brought in, so I'm told by government experts who touted its use as a living fence. It's out of control -- taking over fields and pastures. Like kudzu, another introduced plant, it simply does too well in our climate. And as for invasive -- the bittersweet vines that make such attractive fall decorations are choking whole forests. The pretty little orange berries from one wreath can produce hundreds of vines. No wonder some place are making it illegal to grow or sell.

Canada geese and pigeons and English sparrows and starlings and coyotes are just a few of the invasive birds and animals that are beginning to be a nuisance around here.

And then there's mankind. Every day, more wooded mountains are carved up to accommodate a crowd of McMansions. Our part of the world is in danger of being loved to death. As a newcomer, relatively speaking, to the mountains, I'm part of the problem. And I don't know what the answer is.

To quote the philosophizing possum known as Pogo -- "We have met the enemy and he is us."
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Tammy said...

I can help you out with the multiflora rose and kudzu! ;-0 Six or seven lovely little Shetland sheep would handle that problem for you. (Oh and I happen to have some that are looking for new jobs!)... Unfortunately for the rest of the invasive species---particularly humankind---I can't help you with, only feel for you, as my heart clenches every time I see another bit of land eaten away by folks wanting to 'get back to the land'...
Take care,

Vicki Lane said...

I know they'd do the job. We had goats briefly and they were very effective but we couldn't keep them in. With sheep I would worry that the dogs (of which there are a dozen in our holler) would be a problem. But it is a tempting thought!