Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clifford Freeman - 1975

Clifford, (see "Our Mountain Mentors) giving Andrew (my nephew) and Ethan (my older boy) a ride on Nell. Notice the smiles of delight on all three faces!

Clifford and Louise and cow dog Patsy, heading up the hill to the salt rock. Clifford, with two hip replacements that were wearing out, rides.
I found this drawing in a magazine back then. It's Clifford to the life.
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Pat in east TN said...

Your pictures of Clifford remind me so much of the 'old timers' who lived around our farm. Neat people who will always have a special place in our memories.

I am wondering if the Dorothy Lee who drew that picture was my neighbor out in Sandy Mush. Small world if it was.

Vicki Lane said...

Small, indeed! I don't remember where the picture came from -- on the back is a Troy-Bilt ad and some copy that makes me think it might have been COUNTRYSIDE magazine (I think that's the name.)